You Are Not Alone

II have at least two emails a day about other Stepmoms being falsely accused of abuse. These are my views from what I’ve been through as a Stepmom being falsely accused of  child abuse.

Have you been falsely accused of child abuse? Are you a Stepmom or soon to be an official Stepmom?? Just know that you’re not alone. There are so many Biomoms who use this as a way to remove you from their child’s life. For some reason they hate you and they will reach for anything they can in order for you to look like the bad person even if that means lying. In their eyes they are the “hero” and you are nothing but a waste of space. They will lie like a pro because they have to sound like the ” better parent”. So hold on tight and learn that they are miserable so they have to try to make your life miserable too. Just a little inside thought from Momma Bekah.


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