Another Bill Idea??

So after Senate Bill 1612 (to enforce visitation in Oklahoma without a lawyer filing for you) I want to come up with a bill for false allegations of abuse in family court. My thoughts are ….One must provide evidence such as CPS reports, police reports, photos if there’s bruising, a doctors visit, and maybe some other reports. The “expert witness” may not be someone who was previously used in another case.  These are the issues that we ran into during 2008 to 2009. Just from lies from the Biomom the judge sided with her. Without any proof what so ever I was treated as a child abuser. You can even get a “therapist” that the other parent is unaware of and they can testify against you. Where the heck did the justice system go to?? I ask myself so many questions. The only thing I can come up with is that the legal system is a joke for some families. Children are mentally abused and manipulated by one parent in order to hurt the other parent. What about the kids?? How are they handling this?? This has to stop.  Allegations of abuse must demand to have more proof in order to treat the “abuser” as an abuser. You can’t treat someone badly just because someone is a good liar and a good manipulator. You need to have proof and that’s not how it goes in Shawnee Oklahoma with Judge Gardner. Bills need to be created but then again there’s laws and the judge will not hold the Biomom accountable for anything. But if this was my husband doing what the Biomom is doing he would be in jail. It shouldn’t matter what gender you are. The law is the law and it needs to be upheld by the judges. * Next Senate Bill rant done*


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