I found this on Heart Thyself LLC. on Facebook. It’s a great page and if your dealing with a hostile Biomom this site might be helpful to you. I really liked this post that I have posted in bold typing. I hope this helps someone out there.

You have to learn to be the one to stand up for yourself against your narcissist. No one is going to do it on your behalf unfortunately.

For one thing, you may be the only person who sees the cruel and abusive side of your narcissist. This protects them because the image they have created for themselves is spotless. Typically narcissists get away with everything because no one questions their motives. No one objects to their moves. The community has no reason to question their “honorable” choices as they actively seek to destroy you. This “turning away” from friends, family, law enforcement and anyone else you can think of enables their abuse.

Don’t let this go. Don’t let them bury you, because they will if you don’t do something. Get help protecting yourself and developing the ability to see what your narcissist is truly up to.

Some things you can do:

Start making notes of the inconsistencies you see.

Make a note every time you catch your narcissist in a lie. Making notes will give you something to look back on to confirm you know what you experienced when your narcissist tries to erase history and change the facts.

Get your own bank account.

If you can, call your local crisis center and tell them what you suspect or have discovered is going on. Get referrals from them for legal and financial assistance, for housing options if necessary, and any other help you might need to get out.

Trust your intuition. You are not crazy. Whatever it is you are suspecting is most likely what is actually going on.

Find out what your rights are. Don’t let your narcissist tell you. Challenge what your narcissist says because whatever it is you are hearing is A) probably a lie and B) meant to keep you defeated and powerless. Find out the information yourself.

These are just some ideas. What have you all done to protect yourself? You will need this help because most likely friends, family, church, and community will NOT support you. They will most likely buy into the lie that you went crazy, cheated, and anything else your narcissist will come up to slander you. This is a powerful mirage. Get help protecting yourself.


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