While Justin and I begin to embark on this new journey, I will not continue to post on this blog. There’s a lot of darkness on her and I need to start over again. I have to start this journey with a different mind frame. I will keep the blog open but I will not post on there. I will end the blog with my new blog link. There’s still healing to be done in our family but it’s time for a new book to open. Thank to all the ones who have showed their support to our family through these nightmare of years. We cannot thank you enough. I posted this on SSAC2010 on Facebook but I’ll post it here too.

We have a little bit of celebrating to do. Yesterday, November 1st 2014 was the day SB1612 went into effect. My husband and I started to sit back funds in 2010 for this battle that we are about to embark on. For many years the Biomom has been an emotional terrorist towards her child. Due to the Biomom being the way she is along with the courts help, my family was torn apart. Most of you know our journey. We couldn’t keep fighting. We were in so much debt and the courts being corrupt didn’t help with our battle either. We had to regroup and figure out the next action plan. This whole year has been leading up to November 1st. This was the year we would try to fight for our family again. As we embark on this journey I’m so thankful for this page. All 4,827 of you have been helpful to us. As I keep raising awareness and begin our journey again to fight for our family, I ask that you send us all the good vibes you can send. We will start to file this week. I swore to myself that 2014 will be the year that starts to change the bad into good. Even though this journey has been a nightmare something good will come of this. Thank you all once again for your support. ~Much love from Momma Bekah.



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  1. I wanted to just say thank you. You are an inspiration. I have been following you for only a short time and I feel like I am not alone, that there is hope , that it isn’t me that is bad or evil. I have only been subjected to this parental alienation, false accusations and defective family court system for two years now. I too am financially ruined and emotionally devastated and still trying to understand why this woman I loved has become a narcissistic manipulative liar…………and my only hope of sanity and recording to all who will listen is to begin a blog and say what I have to say. I have felt for too long that besides loosing my two angels , I have lost my voice and my very self to a system and person who truly doesn’t care. I so very much love how you say what you say and try not to me mean or vindictive. I agree with your words today that you want to change the energy of this blog as you embark on your new path. God bless and god speed and thank you from all of us for being our voice………………………..

    • I just read up on the new bill you posted about for Oklahoma. I can only imagine the relief you both must feel! I’ve just come across your website, but I see you’ve been in the system for a long time. I pray that your step daughter has not been ruined by her mothers actions and that through Gods help, your family will be reunited and healed. Thank you for all you’ve shared.

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