I’m so happy about SB1612 passing. It’s been a long time coming and more bills need to be made in Oklahoma in order to give children their rights back. I hope that SB1612 gives children their rights back. I also hope that judges will see what’s really going on in their courtrooms and will not ignore this type of abuse. Children have rights too. Children are often used and manipulated to hurt people. SB1612 is a small step to help enforce visitation to the noncustodial parent without them having to spend money on a lawyer. Thank you Governor Mary Fallin for signing SB1612 into law today.


Meeting With Representative Echols

The meeting went really well. I didn’t have this meeting planned so I wasn’t dressed up for SSAC nor did I have my ribbon that I made for SSAC. I went to check on SB1612 and Representative Echols had time to talk with me about the bill. He gave me a good insight on what’s going on with the bill. It’s Representatives like this that will help stop court corruption.


Meeting With Representative Dennis Johnson

I had another meeting with Representative Dennis Johnson on March 25th. The meeting went well. He’s been very helpful and willing to do anything he can to help not only us but others about this issue in Oklahoma. The next time I speak with Representative Dennis Johnson I want to address family court reform. It’s going to be a big project but it needs to be done so badly. I want to thank Representative Dennis Johnson for allowing me to come and speak with him again about SSAC.