Got it Biomom? I doubt you do!




Dear Biomom

If you really wanted our blended family to work you would put forth the effort. But instead you lie and manipulate while you rip our family apart. It’s all on you. The ball is in your court. If you loved your child enough you would put your ego aside and be an adult. Much love from Momma Bekah.

Dear Biomom,

This is what you’re doing to your child plus more.. Do you care? I doubt it… Otherwise we wouldn’t be in this nightmare you started for us. It’s sad you would rather remove your child’s rights and manipulate her.

Momma Bekah


Are You Really That Angry?!? I Guess So!

Really now?!? Are you really that angry that you’re willing to harm your child because you hate us so much? Now who’s the deadbeat of a parent? I don’t care that you hate us but I do care that you’re abusing my bonus daughter. Please give her rights back. It’s very sad to see you’re hurting her just because you hate us. Don’t take it out on her. She deserves so much better than this. Much love from Momma Bekah


Dear Biomom

Since you stalk me online here’s a little note to remind you to please give your daughter her rights back. Hating us doesn’t give you the right to remove her rights. It’s simple as that. Hate us all you want but leave her out of it.


Actions Speak for You

You say you love your daughter yet you rip her rights away from her each day. You rip away her rights each weekend you ignore court orders for visitation. You ignore and try to rip a part the relationship between her and her real daddy. Your words say one thing but your actions speak louder than anything. You can’t say you love your child and use them as a pawn to hurt your ex.