Another Holiday

~*~*~*~*~*~*Warning strong words in this holiday rant. ~*~*~*~*~*~

So it’s Saint Patrick’s Day again… I’m getting really drained of missed holidays, birthdays, and so much more. I’m tired of the Biomom being so selfish. It’s been nothing but a selfish game to her since 2008. 2008 is when the little signs that I list on began. It’s been a hell hole for sure. My husband and I shouldn’t have to fight or even fight this hard to see his child. But due to a vindictive Biomom this is the journey she started us on. I hate it. I hate that she’s using and manipulating my bonus daughter just to show us how much she hates us. I mean really what the fuck?!??!? What the hell does a parent think or is it that they aren’t thinking? It’s all about them and not the child. I’m tired of crappy selfish parents. I had two crappy parents who didn’t give a shit about what was best for me and my other siblings. Is this just a thing that goes on? Do these parents just birth kids they can manipulate and use? I mean for real!! I’m just tired of the Biomom abusing her rights as a custodial parent. She’s manipulating and a liar. Nothing she does is ever in the best interest of her child. Why must she be so selfish? Does she not even care about her child? It’s nothing I can worry about. It’s her life to fuck up. I can’t help but think how much harm the Biomom is causing to her child just because she hates my husband and I so much. I just want peace in my step family. That’s all I want. But with a hostile Biomom like we deal with it’s impossible. *sigh*


Her Birthday

It’s my bonus daughter’s birthday today. I created her a card and posted it on her blog I have for her. Someday she will be able to see it just not now. We miss her so much. I’m trying not to be too sad today but I do feel sad. Mainly for her. I feel bad for her the day she realizes she was used to hurt her daddy. This will be a sad sad day for her. My bonus daughter is a wonderful little girl and she doesn’t deserve her mother to manipulate her. She needs to be loved and not used. This has gone on since 2008. I just feel so bad for my bonus daughter. It’s just another year for her mother to use her as a pawn in her sickening selfish game. *sigh* When will the Biomom stop this sickening game? When will she stop manipulating her daughter just to punish my husband and I? Punish us all you want but my bonus daughter doesn’t deserve another year to be a pawn in her mother’s sickening game. Happy Birthday my dear bonus daughter. I’m sorry this is another year of your mother manipulating you and using you to hurt your daddy and I.


Here is the card I made for her.


Another Holiday

Well another holiday has come and gone. It’s been years since we have been together as a family. I’m trying really hard not to be angry at the Biomom but somehow I can’t help it. I hate that she is still manipulating her child. I’m still ticked that she can’t control her anger. I hate that she’s dragging her child into her hate game towards my husband and I. I guess it’s not as fun if you don’t use the child?!? I don’t know but this is some fucked up shit she’s doing. Blame me all you want, hate me all you want, and lie about me all you want. But fuck leave the child out of it. I hate that the Biomom is this selfish that she’s using her child as a pawn her in manipulating selfish hate game. It’s sad that she can’t even leave the child out of it. Why do parents do this? Why do they drag the children into a battle they created? It’s not the child’s fault but the child will one day see what the parent has done. Knowing a parent has used you to manipulate you into what they wanted must be a heartbreaking day for any child who grows up to see the truth. My heart hurts for my bonus daughter. She doesn’t deserve to be in the middle of her mother’s hate. It’s just almost another year of this fucking bullshit. To the parents who aren’t smart enough to realize not to use your child as a pawn to hurt your ex. STOP THIS FUCKED UP SICKENING GAME. You all are so fucked up in the head it’s unreal! Go get help before you really fuck up your relationship with your child when they get older and see what you did to them.

Another Holiday Come and Gone

Another holiday without the family together. I really do miss that girl. One day you have this sunshine in your life and all of a sudden someone rips it away. I am thankful for the time I was able to be around her. She opened my eyes to things I never saw. One day we will have our family back so for now it is what it is.

Wake Up You Sick People! *Holiday Rant*

Some parents can be so selfish and very manipulating at times. When will this game end?!? I’m good to stop at any moment… Just waiting on this manipulator to stop her sickening mind game…. But she will push the blame on us. Because we are the ones who messed up not her. She’s good at playing the victim too… I just wish she would stop using her child as a pawn to hurt us. Be vindictive all you want but leave the kids out of it.. She seems to forget that just because you birth a child doesn’t give you the right to use them as a pawn in your mind sickening game.. It’s common sense.. I guess her mother forgot to teach her right from wrong. It’s not okay to lie about abuse and it sure as hell isn’t okay to use your child in your selfish manipulating game. This goes to all parents, step parents, and other family members who seem to think manipulating a child just to get what you want is okay. WAKE UP you sick minded people. It’s not okay to do this. You are mentally messed up to think this is okay. What angers me more is that we aren’t the only ones going through this. There’s others out there hurting just like we are. It really ticks me off to know how many children have been hurt due to a selfish, manipulating, and vindictive¬† parent. It breaks my heart to think people aren’t bothered by using their child as a pawn in this sickening game. Oh the sickening things parents do….

For Alienated Fathers 2013

I posted this in a group and I wanted to share it with you here. This is to all the alienated dads.

I know it’s a tough day for you male people in here. It’s also a rough day for the ones who have to see their loved one without their child(ren). My heart goes out to not only my husband but to you guys too. He will not be with his child due to his vindictive ex and the court ignoring it all. Good luck with however you make it through Father’s Day. Just know that no matter how hard anyone tries to rip your child away from you you will always be a father. Good night all.

Father’s Day 2013

Another Father’s Day that he doesn’t get to see his child. He hasn’t had a Father’s Day with his child since 2009. Even though his ex-wife refuses to allow any contact with his daughter he is still a wonderful father. This is one of the many reasons why I fell in love with him. He is a wonderful father and he loves his child very much. I hate how someone can think they have the right to rip them apart.

I created this photo but I had to blur it for privacy reasons because the Biomom might have a shit fit if she sees her child’s photo on here…


Memorial Day

Of course it’s another holiday without seeing my bonus daughter. But here’s what I really want to say.

Today is Memorial Day. A big thank you to all who serve and who served. Thank you for sacrificing so much just so I could have my freedom. Also a big thank you to the families of soldiers. Families of these soldiers make sacrifices too.


Stepmother’s Day

Today is Stepmother’s Day. I should be used to this pain but now but I’m not. My pain comes from knowing my bonus daughter is still being manipulated by her mother. I have only celebrated Stepmother’s day once. Since then my relationship with my bonus daughter has been non existing due to her mother. I know some people have a very negative view about step parents. I can’t change the way some people hate Stepmoms. I never thought that this would be my Stepmom journey. I never thought the mother of my bonus daughter would be so manipulating and selfish. I try not to think too much of how my bonus daughter is being abused by her mother. Even though it’s just emotional abuse it still bothers me. At least I know I can celebrate being a Stepmom knowing I have not manipulated or abused my bonus daughter in any way shape or form. That’s more than her mother could ever do. So here’s to another crappy Stepmother’s Day.

Take That Biomom!!!

Guess what?!? Your child is seeing her daddy today!!!¬† Hubby took a photo of him and her today and they are smiling. You need to get your head out of your butt and realize your daughter needs her daddy. Just because you’re angry at us doesn’t give you the right to take your child’s rights away. I feel bad that you seem to think you’re doing the right thing. Just know that no matter how hard you try to rip our family apart you will never ever be able to. We love each other very deeply and you cannot take that away from us. I’m sure you will make a big fuss about your daughter seeing her daddy. I’m sure you will say your normal “oh she’s harassing me again”. You’re always playing the victim role. Can’t you see your daughter is the only victim here? She’s a victim of your anger and you could careless. I feel bad for your daughter knowing she’s going to learn how you treated her and used her to hurt us. She’s not stupid. She’s going to realize the game you have played and she probably won’t want anything to do with you. I feel bad for you. I honestly do. Maybe this year you will stop playing this abusive game with your daughter. But I won’t get my hopes up. You have done this for years now. Give your child back her rights. Thank you.