Meeting With Representative Echols

The meeting went really well. I didn’t have this meeting planned so I wasn’t dressed up for SSAC nor did I have my ribbon that I made for SSAC. I went to check on SB1612 and Representative Echols had time to talk with me about the bill. He gave me a good insight on what’s going on with the bill. It’s Representatives like this that will help stop court corruption.



Meeting With Representative Dennis Johnson

I had another meeting with Representative Dennis Johnson on March 25th. The meeting went well. He’s been very helpful and willing to do anything he can to help not only us but others about this issue in Oklahoma. The next time I speak with Representative Dennis Johnson I want to address family court reform. It’s going to be a big project but it needs to be done so badly. I want to thank Representative Dennis Johnson for allowing me to come and speak with him again about SSAC.


Meeting With Senator Ron Sharp

Yesterday went really well. Some stuff didn’t go according to plan but that’s okay. You just have to roll with it. My husband and I met with Senator Ron Sharp at 10:30AM. I shook hands with Senator Ron Sharp and thanked him for SB1612. I told him I’ve been fighting for children’s rights and a bill like this since 2010. I held back my tears as he began to tell me about the bill. As of right now custodial parents can refuse the other parent visitation with the child. Sometimes there’s nothing to be done unless you get a lawyer but even then it’s a struggle to have the court system keep the custodial parent accountable. In this bill you won’t have to have a lawyer to file this complaint about the custodial parent. All the non custodial parent has to do is file the form to the judge. After 3 times there will be jail time and maybe a fee to pay on top of that. Senator Ron Sharp was very nice and easy to talk with. I felt like he really did care about what was going on. I’m very thankful for his time and what he has done for SB1612.


Meeting With Representative Jason Nelson

The meeting went so well! A big thank you to Representative Jason Nelson for taking the time to listen and understanding my issues I brought up. There are things that will be put into a measure. There’s a lot to be done but this is one more little step. I’m so happy. Thank you all who signed the petition, sent supportive emails, support on the page, and so many other things. Thank you to each and everyone of you.KODAK Digital Still Camera

Meeting With Representative Dennis Johnson

February 6 2013 I met with Representative Dennis Johnson. The meeting went really well. He is listening and is willing to meet again! I shared our personal story of our battle. I shared other letters with him as well. He requested some information about other legislation passing laws about PA from all over the world to see what has worked for them. I will meet with him again once I have this information. It didn’t even dawn on me to bring this information that he requested. Thank you all so much for the support. This will be a long battle to fight but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make PA illegal in Oklahoma.