Early Mother’s Day Rant


There’s a lot of “Mothers” out there who do not deserve to celebrate much less be recognized as a good mother. From off the top of my head I know at least 3 women who do not deserve to be celebrated this weekend. The 3 “mothers” who really sticks out to me are the “mothers” who remove their children’s rights out of hate for their ex, betrays their son in order to take sides with the ex-wife, and the mother who is stuck in victim mode from their childhood and refuses to give their children an education.

Now on to the most crappiest moms who are selfish enough to take their children’s rights away. I’m talking about the ones who refuse to allow their child to see the dad because of their hate towards their ex. From moving away without telling the other parent, lying about abuse, refusing any phone contact between the child and other parent, manipulating the child in order to get what they want, blaming everyone for their bad behavior, and the ones who are acting like mom of the year when they’re really removing their child’s rights each and every single day.

These are the crappy moms I’m talking about. You CANNOT call yourself a good mother and manipulate your child. You can’t do it. I find it sick minded that a mother would rather use her child as a pawn to hurt her ex and his wife rather to be an adult and do the right thing. All day they will manipulate and lie in order to keep the “I’m a hero mom” in order to keep themselves looking like the better parent. It’s not about being the better parent. It’s about giving what your child needs. If you think the other parent is bad then why the hell did you have a child with him? Was that all just a game to all the mothers who use this excuse?

There are too many moms out there who care more about themselves rather than the child. Those moms do not deserve to have nor celebrate Mother’s Day. They don’t deserve it. They are two faced people who could care less about the child and that’s down right selfish. No mother who is selfish, betrayed their child, manipulates their child, uses their child as a pawn to hurt others, denies their child of the right education, ignores what is best for the child despite how they feel about their ex, and I could go on and on about this, but I won’t. I think you got the message loud and clear. So before you celebrate Mother’s Day, make sure you’re the mother who your child needs you to be. *Early Mother’s Day Rant done*


“Stealing” My Images Rant

Entertaining to say the least…. The first image would be their post at me for my comment on the image that they stole. Then the right image would be the edited version of them calling me out. Gotta love it when a page steals my stuff then blames it on someone else. Like I’ve said before.. Find Photoshop and put some real effort into making your own images for your page.  I don’t mind others sharing my images just don’t steal them. It’s uncool. I work very hard on these images.


Playing the Victim Rant

I’m not sure why the Biomom started us down this nightmare. I’m not sure why she manipulates so many in order to look like “poor me look what I have to deal with” She complains about how horrible the situation is but she’s the one who started this mess. She’s the one who started false allegations of child abuse and refuses to give her child her rights. She’s the manipulator, the liar, the abuser, and the selfish person who places her child in the middle of her anger. It’s pretty sad that she would resort to this game. It’s really a bunch of bullshit from her. I didn’t think any parent would do this. I really didn’t think she would do this but it’s going on. I hate that she has no self control over her anger and puts her daughter in her anger. I hate it. I hate that she’s abusing my bonus daughter and the fucked up court system doesn’t even care! Play the victim all you want but you’re the one who started us down this nightmare. So shut the hell up and stop whining about how life is. It was your idea to start us down this road. Suck it up buttercup.



People have their different stories of their family being ripped apart. In our case I the Stepmom was accused of abuse and sexual child abuse. The biomom refuses to listen to court orders and the court will not hold her accountable. We have done everything we were ordered to do so why can’t she? I hate this war on father’s. I know there’s bad dads out there, I had one. But my husband is a loving father to his daughter and that’s one of the reasons why I feel in love with him. I hate that this woman has so much hate towards us she’s harming her child.

It’s Not Her Battle!

The Biomom wanted mediation in March 2008 and didn’t want to go to court because neither party could fork over a lot of money(I have that email). Then in July we were served papers for child abuse and other stuff she slammed us with. So I must have ticked her off or something in order for her to go from nice to totally hostile. She blames it all on me that’s how hostile people work I guess? Geez hate me all you want but leave the kid out of it! It’s not her battle!!

Good Morning!

FYI just because I support shared parenting doesn’t mean I condone any bad behavior from any of the adults. Shared parenting will not work for everyone due to certain situations. But if all adults are stable enough to maintain a healthy shared parenting plan then go for it. What works in one home might not work in another. I’m so tired of explaining that just because I support shared parenting doesn’t mean I condone bad behavior. *rant done*

I’ll never understand it. If we had full custody we would let my bonus daughter see her mom. Even though I’m ticked at the Biomom because of what she’s doing to my family, it’s my bonus daughters right to have a relationship with her mother. I just wish we would get the same respect or at least stop using the child as a way to hurt us. I’ll never understand how a parent can hate the other parent so much they use a child as a way to hurt the other parent. I don’t get it and never will. They manipulate the child and others just to get what they want at any cost. These parents could careless about the child. Even though they may say they love their child but really they don’t because they use the child as a pawn to hurt people. If they did care about the child more we wouldn’t have to have these types of pages. Only parents who love the child more will set aside the hate, anger, bitterness, manipulation, and vindictiveness and allow the child to have a relationship with the other parent. *Alienated Stepmom rant done*

Robbing Children of Their Childhood Rant

Children will never get the time back that they lost with the other parent, step parent, and other family members. This is all due to a selfish manipulating person not wanting people in the child’s life because they simply hate the other parent or step parent. They are robbing the children of their childhood. If this doesn’t make you stop this sickening game  then I’m not sure what will.*rant done*