Hey “Moms” there’s an episode of Judge Judy on.. The lady withheld visitation from the father because she thought that’s just how it should be. Judge Judy doesn’t like that… Honestly is doesn’t take all that much brain power to figure out that it’s best to have BOTH loving, caring, and supportive parents in the child’s life, but thanks to “moms” like you who think the child is property these children will never know what it’s like to have both parents in their life. This is because of you being selfish enough not to be a real mother. You are too obsessed with your anger towards the father of the child. Get a clue that you are hurting your child more instead of your ex. Just a thought! Have a great day.


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THE DEFINITION of a STEPMOM: A strong woman who loves her partner and takes pride in doing the right thing versus taking the easy way out. She loves her lumpy, bumpy family (regardless of genetics) and knows that the term “wicked” is a ridiculous myth. She’s not afraid of anything because she’s already been tested many times. She’s strong, loving and brave.